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To make the process of obtaining a quote quicker and easier for you, we make a few assumptions as listed below. You are required to agree that these assumptions apply to you and the property before you buy.

If the assumptions we have made below do not apply to you it does not mean we cannot offer you a quotation. Either continue to obtain a premium indication and then call us to discuss which aspects of the assumption do not apply or call us to obtain a quote over the phone.

These statements would form part of the contract so it is important the information you supply and agree to is up to date and correct as incorrect information could invalidate all or part of the policy.

  • You ARE a British Citizen permanently resident in the UK

You, any director or any member of the family normally residing with you has NOT:

  • Suffered any loss, damage or liability within the last five years.
  • Had insurance proposal declined, renewal refused, cover terminated or special terms imposed.
  • Been convicted, or have any prosecutions pending for, any criminal offence (other than motoring offences).

Your property IS:

  • Not in an area where flooding has occurred within the last 10 years or in an area where an active flood warning is in place.
  • In a good state of repair and will be so maintained.
  • A private property (not used for trade purposes).
  • Free from signs of damage by subsidence, heave or landslip with no cracks in external walls and no history of damage by these events.
  • In an area where the neighbouring properties are free from damage by subsidence, heave or landslip with no history of damage by these events.
  • Approved by the planning department for any renovation work taking place (where applicable).
  • Not due to be or planned to be demolished or has any plans or planning application created (whether finished or not), applied for, rejected or approved where demolition would be required.
  • Not subject to rejected planning permissions where no subsequent revised planning application has been approved.
  • Wind and water tight, being fully glazed, with any boarded windows or doors having full intact glazing underneath.
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"The service was very efficient and handled in a professional manner tailored to my needs at the time. I was pleasantly surprised at the speed in response to my queries particularly when I asked for a refund as my property had been sold. This was turned around within an hour - remarkable without any queries or questions. I will use you again should the need arise. Thank you."

Joan, Edinbugh

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